The Justice Train Is Coming!!!

July 20, 2021
July 20, 2021 Lora Allison

The Justice Train Is Coming!!!

Some time ago in intercession, I saw in a vision that an important, massive train had left the station, had gathered speed and now was unstoppable. I kept watching it speed faster and faster and the knowledge that it was unstoppable was powerful.  I knew that it was the moving of the Lord, and we began to pray into the speed and the purpose of this train.  Some days later, I heard the words THE JUSTICE TRAIN, over and over. 

As I sought the Lord, I heard strongly the voice of the Lord in a great shout, IT’S COMING, IT’S COMING!  And I could hear the sound of the train in the distance, growing in volume as it approached, and the Lord said, Listen for the sounds of justice!  Hear what the Spirit is doing in this hour!  Not everyone will hear it, even as it arrives. Not everyone will recognize it or understand it or approve of the effects. But it IS speeding toward its goal and it WILL NOT BE STOPPED. 

Have you ever seen a powerful train speeding into the station? Not in the natural world.   Usually they approach the station slowly and ease to a stop. But THIS train will not slow.  It will hasten toward its goal, and the closer it comes to its destination, the faster it will go. Inexorable.  Without apology. Without warning. Firm. Resolute. 

It will burst into sight and sound, shaking opinions, perspectives, and “current perceived realities,” hastening on to its goal.   It will have great impact.  It will be an undeniable event.  All of the earth will know of its arrival, for it will bring with it massive shift and almost cataclysmic change. 

And the Lord says, My people have cried out for justice and I, the Lord, am answering with that that I am. I AM JUSTICE and all that I am will be revealed. For Justice will crash into injustice and the wicked will suffer the implosion.   When the Lord said implosion, I looked up the word, and the definition given was, “A sudden failure or collapse of an organization or system.” The system of injustice responsible for the devastation of so many lives will collapse under this great impact.

There will be no compromise. There will be no avoiding or mitigating of the consequences. The Justice Train has been set into motion by the prayers of the saints fueling the Purposes of God, and nothing in heaven or hell will affect its course.   So set your faith toward it, expect it and anticipate its arrival. 

For the Lord says, I am coming to save. I am coming to restore. I am coming for the children.  I am coming to stir and shake the earth with My very Presence. Watch and wait for I am on My way, and Behold, I come quickly, says the Lord.