The New Supernatural Normal

August 17, 2021
August 17, 2021 Lora Allison

The New Supernatural Normal

So much is changing, on every level, everywhere, and we all say will it ever be normal again, and we sigh and long for it to change BACK.

So when you long for Normal, remember, normal can be boring, though it also sometimes can be comforting. Normal can be depressing, but sometimes normal can be restful. Normal can be frustrating. Normal can make you want something different. Normal can make you long for it when suddenly it is drastically taken away.

Recently I had a dream and in the dream I was in a meeting moving amidst the people and I was suddenly aware that I had a brand new baby and the baby was lying on my chest in one of those sling carriers that holds it tight to your body. So the baby had her head almost where she could hear my heartbeat and at first I was a little disturbed, what am I going do with a new baby, but as I moved throughout the meeting I became aware with surprise that this baby was like a part of my body, right over my heart and the baby never cried or demanded attention, but just was a part of me as I moved through the people. And I became overwhelmed with love for this baby and as I moved through the meeting, I began to stroke the baby’s head and was overwhelmed with tenderness and the love that I know only God can give. When I woke up, the love was so powerful that it stayed with me all through that day.

As I pondered this dream I realized that although this new life was definitely different from my normal structure and way of doing things, it seemed to be a wonderful new life for which I was filled with love, and I learned as I went about to accept this amazing and unprecedented new treasure now a part of my normal.

And the Lord says, Treasure this coming new life, this new normal, and receive it with joy. When death is battering down the door it’s hard to recognize the new, often so opposite from our other life, especially while death is continuing to wear us down. But resist death and let in the new life, embrace it, and love it. Because Holy Spirit is hovering and birthing just as He overshadowed Mary– and look at the Life that was born that changed the world.

So tenderly embrace and love that new life, focus on it and give it all of yourself, letting the past normal go. The past is no longer new. And we didn’t necessarily like it anyway, but at least it was familiar. But whatever God births in your life is the new best, the new wonderful, the new anointed, the new zeal. And in renewed faith, as you give it all of your attention and love, you and that precious new life will grow and become your future, your fulfillment, your passion, and your New Supernatural Normal.

But new normal doesn’t feel like normal, we cry. That’s why we must not long for past normal but in letting it go, look to the new normal, the new breath, the new wind that sweeps all away. And soon we will see the past as grave clothes and we will realize the ability to rejoice in their passing away. We will see the new wind as it revives, reforms, transforms, births and ushers in a new glimpse of glory.

The New Supernatural Normal will reveal glory upon glory and joy will be our food, our Supernatural manna, our food of Glory. The past is over. Look up with joy and expectation, for Glory is in the winds of God, blowing fresh upon us.

Mourning has endured for the night, but joy is breaking forth with the breaking of the new day. Lord, take off the dark glasses of grief and acclimate our eyes to the brilliance of the full day. The brilliant full day is our NEW SUPERNATURAL NORMAL! Throw your arms open wide to EMBRACE what God is doing now, so much more wonderful than ever before. Fill your lungs with NEW WIND! Fill your heart with NEW JOY! Rejoice that the past is gone, and behold, HE TRULY DOES DO A NEW THING! HALLELUJAH!!!!