Beautiful Weapons

March 8, 2023
March 8, 2023 Lora Allison

Beautiful Weapons

In a dream I heard the words beautiful weapons, out of the vast storehouses of the King. In wonder in my dream I wandered in a vast place seeing priceless items I had only imagined. Beautiful armor, shining in the light. Oh but I thought, how uncomfortable and unwieldy as I reached out to touch. But my hand, my fingers went through them and I realized they were not made of materials that I had thought. They were made of light. Would that be as effective?  So seemingly unsubstantial. And yet I thought, perhaps it’s because they’re not made for the wars of this world. These things were made for another realm, to be worn by beings of another realm, in wars fought on unimagined planes of existence.

And as I continued through the vast storehouse,  revelation began to wander into my thinking. Perhaps I might try some of these items of splendor. I picked up a breastplate and through my mind went the words Breastplate of Righteousness! And I set over my heart, and it clicked into place!

I picked up a helmet, obviously, I then thought, the Helmet of Salvation. It seemed to be made for MY head. And on I went, finally picking up the Sword of the Spirit, which flashed as my arms and hands moved. And I realized, of course, this is made for me! This is made for my spirit, designed perfectly to fit effortlessly as I began to move, feeling great power surge through my being.

Beautiful weapons, created by my God of splendor and Majesty, designed for wars that I was not even aware of. Designed to move in ways human training doesn’t understand.  I began to move and realized that none of this armor, none of these weapons hindered my movements, particularly as I picked up Peace, and Love, and Wisdom.  There were many many other weapons in the vast storehouse of the King that I had never even realized were weapons, and all of them beautiful. All of them full of unimaginable power. And I realized my mind was just not ready for this.

Oh, but it’s a spirit world. It’s a supernatural world.. And only spiritual, supernatural weapons will work in this New World where I am wandering. And there’s the King! Beckoning, His hand bidding me come. Smiling, the King says, My yoke is easy, and My burden is light. Come to Me, and I will show you many things that you have not understood. Come to me, for the battle is not yours, but the Lords! And only His equipment will work, only His Way will perform the wonders and the exploits of this new season.

The Lord is equipping us in ways that we never imagined for situations and fights that our minds cannot navigate. But fear is not the answer. The King is the answer! The King says simply use what I have given you! I am the Way and I am not surprised. This is not new to me. It’s only new to you. And through Me, you have all power! Through Me, you have all authority, and through Me you are equipped to do exploits!

We can do this! We were made for this! This is our hour of destiny! Faith creates the wings that pick our feet up off of the ground and the rigid boundaries of this earth, and sets us into this specific time and point beyond time and knowledge and beyond human limitations!

Finally we are Beyond Ourselves! Finally, we realize our destiny, and the power beyond our own strength which propels us forward, accomplishing more than we could ask, or think! Pick up your Beautiful Weapons, and the faith that goes with them as we move forward in the exploits we were made for!