The Lord has captured my heart for the people of Romania!   “Beloved, let us love one another…Love is of God and everyone that loveth, knoweth God and loveth God.  He that loveth not, knoweth not God, for God is LOVE! Beloved, let us love one another.” 1 John 4:7-8

Romania is a poverty filled nation that I believe the Lord desires to touch both spiritually and physically so that it will be as a “well watered garden.”  He is raising up Godly young men and woman that will bring forth much needed change into this country.    God’s love tends to transcend all language and cultural boundaries and we had great interpreters for Hungarian, Romanian, and Gypsy dialects.

We love our family in Romania!  Whenever we spend time with the leaders there,  the combination of prophetic ministry and teaching, training in intercessory prayer and activating the people to pray, and training and activating the people in prophetic praise and worship leaves the church full to overflowing.

Pastors Eduard and Ibi Rudolph  have also begun a church in Cluj, Romania, which is a college town.  In both cities, they are mentoring 12 young men and women in ministry leadership.  Each of these twelve have begun home cell churches in the cities in which they live.  Other than teaching and training those in the church, we had many incredible moves of the Holy Spirit– laughter, sharp prophetic words, and deliverance.  Many times the weight of the glory of the Lord fell where few were left standing, because His presence came so strongly upon them.  Even the youngest children were touched in this way.  Many received the baptism of the Holy Spirit.  Some people wandered into the area outside the church and got saved!

The church also continues with an outreach to a local orphanage.  Many of the older children from the orphanage were in attendance at the conference. Please continue to pray for the people of Romania.  Many are in need of healing that could only take place by the power of the word of God and His touch.  The nutrition situation is poor as well as the availability for medical help.  We were able to leave many ministry supplies and hope to bring back more next time we travel there.

The Light of the Glory of God is great and can bring a tremendous shift of revival, even if only a small army of prayer warriors continue to pray and stand for a great move to take place throughout this country.   Please continue to pray for the people of Romania as the Lord leads that seeds of God that were planted would produce for His glory.   Continue to pray Psalm 2:8:  The nations are our inheritance!