Rise Up And Speak The Truth!!!

October 11, 2023
October 11, 2023 Lora Allison

Rise Up And Speak The Truth!!!

Where is truth? Is there ultimate truth? Who is speaking truth???

As I was waking from sleep I heard the Lord speaking: For I have hidden within my people Silos of Speaking. I have been storing up My words in those who have been seeking me over these years of the multitudes of lies and the seeming absence of clear truth. For yes, there has been a famine of the truth, says the Lord. But my timing is perfect. It is not that the truth has been stolen by the enemy, for the enemy does not have that power. But in this season of great war, I have strategic planning: times and seasons, just as every general plans– the battles, and the sub battles and the major battles. And in this great war for truth, I have strategically allowed certain words to be hidden in order to bring them out in strategic timing, like missiles in the darkness.

Many of my people are great silos full of the speaking of the truth, and some are not even aware of it; they have simply walked on in faith and in obedience. And there are others, some who might not even know Me, who are carrying the truth as well. And so I, the Lord, have been depositing and depositing and depositing a great armory of truth. And the time is approaching, and even now is, that I will blow my breath upon the roofs and the covers of the silos of Truth, and the Truth will be released, and nothing can stop it, says the Lord.

So I say to My people, watch, listen, and release! The airwaves have been full of the lies of the enemy, but the great faith and prayers of My people have caused these missiles to be impotent, to be without true power, and the real power is about to be seen and heard across the Earth.

Truth is breaking forth like fire through the darkness, and it will begin like small hail storms, and become thicker until light will expose and overcome the missiles and plans and devices and subterfuges of the wicked. For My arm is not shortened that it cannot save, says the Lord. And faith has risen across the Earth and outrage at injustice, and it will cause that injustice to be shattered and scattered and tossed about upon the wind of My breath, until it lies forgotten. So do not be dismayed or disheartened in this hour. I am not dead but alive, and My might is being released, says the Lord.

Isaiah said to them, Say to your master, Thus says the Lord: “Do not be afraid because of the words you have heard, with which the servants of the king of Assyria have reviled and blasphemed Me.”
2 Kings 19:6 AMPC

And it all came to pass, for that night the Angel of the Lord went forth and slew 185,000 in the camp of the Assyrians; and when the living arose early in the morning, behold, all these were dead bodies.
2 Kings 19:35 AMPC

If God be for us, who can be against us? The might of our God and His heavenly armies are marching and advancing against the lies, the plans, and the strategies of the wicked. And though there has been a walk through darkness, upon the people of God is a Great Light shining. Don’t be afraid of what the wicked do and say. We will stand and see the Salvation, the Might, and the Great Shining of the Lord.

So rise up, and shout the truth from the mountaintops and into every microphone and from every stage and street! Fill the airwaves with the Truth of God! Rise up in this hour! Victory is at hand!