Celebration Ministries and Dr. Lora Allison desire to send out the life-giving and the sharp Word of God through the airwaves across the world, bringing light, salvation, healing and deliverance to peoples and nations at the touch of a fingertip. This technology will magnify and present the King of all Kings through the Preaching and Teaching programs in our Television Teaching Ministry, Presenting the King. The revelatory exploration of the living Word will explode and ignite the knowledge of God, spreading the fires of revival and transformation as the Lord Sends Us even into areas we may not physically be able to go.

These encouraging and edifying sessions are available on KBNTV, Houston, Texas, and KITV, Ontario, Canada, as well as on our YouTube Channels and Facebook pages. Many programs include stunning photos and videos of worship, intercession, and prophetic flow. We are passionate about the Presence and glory of the Lord! We pray that you experience and more deeply come to know Jesus our Savior in all of His beauty and that your life will be transformed as you watch, listen, and experience Him. His loving kindnesses are, as His word says, new every morning! His Presence is Everything!