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My heart has always been to simply be obedient to the next thing the Lord puts in my path. I love to work with the most exciting Person in the universe! I thrill to see people weak from the challenges of life laughing in the joy of the Holy Spirit, and to see the amazing power of God rest on those who then lie before Him in His Incomparable Presence. I love the moving of Holy Spirit songs and sounds of heaven as world class musicians and singers play and sing, and yes, even cry in the atmosphere of glory. I joy as the Possible Making God does the impossible, over and over again!

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    Pastor Sylvia Nickelson,

    Oikos International Church, Basel, Switzerland

    Lora Allison is a prophetess who opens up spiritual dimensions, and who opens up doors for churches to see their inheritance and to enter new realms of their destinies. Lora causes the barren Sarahs to receive strength to conceive seed, Hebrews 11:11

    We are greatly blessed whenever Lora is with us, that through her prophetic spirit she helps us to see into the unseen realm, to see the angelic realm, taking us on the wings of the spirit into higher places, and opening up gateways for us into new dimensions which are always then more easy to access even after she leaves. She works by the Spirit and the power of the Word to strengthen us and bring us into our destiny as a church and a nation.

    I highly recommend Lora’s ministry for anyone who “has ears to hear what the Spirit is saying to the churches.”

    Dr. J. Doug Stringer,

    Founder, Somebody Cares America

    It is with great respect that I endorse not only Lora Allison and her work in this book [The Importance of Covering], but also Lora Allison the person and the ministry. I give my wholehearted blessing and encouragement for people to read the heart of one who truly has paved the way, not just as someone with words from the ivory tower of human wisdom but someone who, from the crucibles of personal experience, has come to understand the need for genuine accountability and covering.

    Jim Hodges,

    Founder and President, Federation of Ministers and Churches, International

    Lora has done it again! Her latest book [The Plowman Shall Overtake the Reaper] is a riveting read. These pages will stir you about the coming global harvest of millions of souls into the Kingdom of God. You will learn how to be a ‘reaper’ in this harvest… I love it when Lora points out that the harvest has both a strategy and a song! This is the way the Lord God moves forward in history. Use this Bible filled and comprehensive manual to become equipped in your calling as a harvest-reaper and also use it to teach others!

    Cindy Jacobs,

    Generals International

    Lora Allison is one of God’s treasures. She has opened our hearts to see and understand in a realm that few understand today.

    Eddie Smith,

    Best selling Author and Speaker,

    Lora, thank you for your life of integrity, passion for the Son of God, and balance in practice. Your Godly wisdom is refreshing.

    Dr. Chuck D. Pierce,

    President, Global Spheres Inc.

    The Plowman Shall Overtake The Reaper is the book for this hour! I have not read anything that better represents the decade ahead. If I could recommend one book to read other than the Bible, I would say to read this. The Lord has saved this book for now. I decree that this book will go all over the world to help the plowman overtake the reaper.

    Kerry Kirkwood,

    Apostle, Prophet, Pastor of Trinity Fellowship,Tyler, TX

    Board of Advisers, Celebration Intl. Ministries

    It’s my pleasure to introduce Lora Allison to you. I have known Lora for several years and have watched her in different settings and she is genuine and authentic in all places and with all people. She carries a unique gifting in sensing the “Goings of God.” She is known for her extravagant worship, which invites others into the Presence of God.

    Dr. Stan E. DeKoven, Ph.D.,

    Founder and President, Vision International University
    Board of Advisers, Celebration International Ministries

    Prophetess Lora Allison is a dynamic woman of God, completely dedicated to the message of the Kingdom and our King. She is very mature in attitude and action. Her ministry is spot on, with wisdom and confidence in ministry and is one of the most ethical ministers I know. Her manner is excellent, she manages her money well, and is not materialistic. I could not recommend Lora more highly…she is excellent in all her work.

    John H. Parks, Sr.

    Pastor, Ashford Community Church, Apostolic Initiatives,
    Kingdom City Network, Houston Texas

    Board of Advisers, Celebration Ministries

    I have had the privilege to know Lora Allison as her pastor, friend, and fivefold ministry associate for a number of years. On every level she has been proven to be of outstanding maturity, poise and quality of character with resolve and strength. The anointing, power, passion and influence Lora brings is unquestionably needed in the Body of Christ! Nothing less than the “Holy Ghost & Fire” is evident in the wake of her preaching/teaching prophetic anointing!! Her depth of insight into the Word and sensitivity to the moves of the Spirit are spot on. Lora is a quality gift “for such a time as this” to lend major effort to the end time gathering of the greatest Harvest yet to come. It is my highest pleasure to unqualifiedly recommend her for the King’s service!