Firestorm Prophetic Worship Series

Prophetic Worship happens within the time of worship when the Spirit of the Lord prophesies through music, often including visual worship as well, such as flags, dance and banners.  This happens spontaneously outside of copyrighted music.

Firestorm Conferences seek to release an atmosphere rich with the Presence of the Lord and conducive to revival through prayer, the word, worship and prophetic flow.  With a major emphasis on the majesty and splendor of God, these times together are powerful.  Unusual sounds and music often accompany prophetic worship as heavenly sounds can be strange to our ears. (Psa. 40:1-3). The anointing released through the prophetic flow among the musicians, singers, dancers, as well as the flags and banners, is extraordinary, deep and rich with His presence.  Our prayer in sharing these times with you through the Firestorm Prophetic Worship Series is that your heart will be touched and changed in the amazing Presence of the Lord Jesus Christ.